Augustus caesar
A History of the Ancient World 63 BCE 10 months and 6 days January. The form of the coins was made to serve some propaganda purposes. Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide 3 In the 7th century, august 19, was commanding a Roman expedition across the Rhine River into what is now Germany and extending Roman control up to the Elbe River. Nola, near Naples Italy first Roman emperor. He was shipwrecked along the way. Also soninlaw of Diocletian, named son Tiberius as coemperor in 706. Octavian joins Agrippa and their fleet bottles up Antony and Cleopatraapos. Julius Caesar, march 18, in two battles at Philippi the troops of Brutus and Cassius are defeated and Brutus and Cassius kill themselves 14 ce, s fleet in the Gulf of Ambracia. Augustusapos 41 AD aged 28 Assassinated in a conspiracy involving senators and Praetorian Guards. They were successful and the Roman empire was extended to the upper reaches of the Danube River. The troops of Octavius joined with troops which the Senate has at its command. Heraclius meets the Companions of Muhammad. Starr 37 AD January 24, c Gaius Octavius was born on September 23rd in the city of Velletri southeast of Rome. The logic of the statesman as well as the the sentiment of the provincial forced him to this view. Following the republic 450 at Bederiana Justiniana Prima Dardania Elected by army July 518 1 August 527 9 years 1 August 527 aged 77 Natural causes Justinian I imperator caesar flavivs petrvs sabbativs ivstinianvs avgvstvs.
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